Yume Nikki

The game Yume Nikki is an indie rpg maker game that is about a shut-in named Madotsuki. Instead of leaving the room the game is based on going around in her dreams lucidly. The game is made pretty well almost no bugs and the music is pretty good. There are many secrets though since it doesn’t really give you hints on the effects there is a chance to find a few secrets before the end game unintentionally. Those secrets are very well hidden being a certain percent when in the dream world to work, doing repetitive things multiple times, etc.

There is a lot of speculation on who Madotsuki is why she is a shut in and the psychological point of the characters and rooms many think each are intentional. Many probably know of it because of Uboa-chan which is seen various places without knowing of the game. There are a whole lot of fangames that popped up around the games like Yume 2kki (a fan game) but is well made and is very good like Yume Nikki itself and someone even made a 3-D version of it which is actually able to make the whole game so much more creepy than Yume Nikki itself is. Any other fangames are either not complete or not really worth the time to mess with.

Here is the link to the Wiki page if you wanna try it out.

Please be aware there are grotesque themes blood, and violence.


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