Touhou labyrinth

One of the franchises I enjoy is Touhou which spoiler alert doesn’t have anything to do with Undertale I mean if it did it would have to be back when when floppy disks was how you got your game on like Touhou was. Anyway most of them are bullet-hell games and this one is actually a fan game of the franchise. Which I had found somewhere on Moriya shrine which is where I find new games to play from the franchise.

Labyrinth of Touhou is a wonderful JRPG game by Tasogare Frontier. It was great but when I started playing the English patch was not there so I went through most of the beginning not knowing what was going on but enjoyed it anyway. The big tree that they are exploring allows the ability to level, find more characters, find items, and of course ascend more into this tree. Now there is an English patch that I have yet to get the complete English patch though I’m sure it’s completed by now. Anyone that enjoy RPG games would like this game. though JRPG are more difficult than regular RPG games.

There aren’t many things I could say are exactly warning wise about it just if you like Touhou you already know what you’re getting yourself in a difficult game that may take years to beat and a lot of tears.


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