In my free time I tend to play video games of any sort (Console, PC, Handheld), learn coding languages, read, listen to music, photography, and crochet. On Any game I post about I will mention any warnings. What you do with the links are your responsibility.

I’m already knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, HTML5, and CSS3. I’m self teaching C# so I can code in Unity for the games I plan to make. In college I’m learning SQL for MySQL and Access.

I read just about anything if I can sit down and read but being so busy now I prefer audio books. I tend to read a lot of fantasy magic based books and when it isn’t books or audio books I tend to read things on the internet creepy pasta was a big interest of mine which is probably why dark humor is pretty entertaining to me. One of my favorite books that got me back to reading was Asylum which reminded me a lot like Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children. I could talk forever about books probably…

My hobbies when I can ever do such hobbies it’s usually video games, photography, and crocheting. I know how to crochet…yeah strange along with all the video games I play. I take my camera wherever I can like the beach or park when I do ever get out of the house.

All these games I review I have in fact played some over three to four years ago. Yume Nikki started my spark of interest into the horror rpg maker type game. Thanks to a friend of mine named ArmpitMaiden who composes their own songs through bandcamp. Who also showed me a ton of interesting games like Yume Nikki, IB, The Witch’s House, and a very interesting game franchise known as Touhou. Since then I’ve played tons of indie games some interesting others strange.