Gamestop ‘Retro’ Games

Gamestop now has apparently retro games. Maybe it’s because they had so many old games from Gamestop no longer carrying the systems. I had snagged a few of them LOZ: Wind Waker for the GameCube, Pokemon FireRed for the GBA, and LOZ: Twilight Princess for the GameCube. They were priced better than Ebay or Amazon thankfully especially when I was looking for replacements for my old games. The games came very well maintained the disks with no scratches in perfect working condition couldn’t be happier.

The whole retro thing annoys me it being called….retro it’s old games yes but why retro they aren’t ‘back in’ or whatever. It probably just annoys me since it’s a hipster term or the fact I guess, I’m just old… Then again I enjoyed my GameCube when I got it in the Christmas of probably 2003 and still enjoy it now. Then again I’m the crazy person who went oh a Nintendo 64 I would love that game system thanks while the Wii was just coming out mainly because the relative had ocarina of time that I could play with. Which I’m of course weak for a Zelda game.

Even though, I enjoy the old games I do like the new game consoles now too just thought it were strange that Gamestop calls them retro then again I don’t think anyone would want to look through the old game category. I’m just happy I can get some of the games I still hadn’t gotten before Gamestop stopped letting the old systems and consoles go from their stores. The only problem with it is in store they still don’t have the games in the shop but in the online store.