Mogeko Castle

The game Mogeko Castle is considered a prosciutto adventure game according to the website which anything by Mogeko or commonly known as Deep-Sea Prisoner is worth playing. Mogeko Castle starts with a girl named Yonaka which her adventure starts when she encounters these odd yellow cat-like creatures called Mogekos. Which Mogekos worship the god of prosciutto which is found almost everywhere in the game. Which a few times the character is able to steal It from some Mogeko. There are eight endings which at the complete end there is a way where you can see all of them easily.

It is rated fifteen plus for Japan but in America would be considered eighteen. Which some of the bad ends count into the rating. Mature content is sprinkled into the game and some Americans can’t handle the content considering what I have recently been informed about which makes me actually unhappy to live in such a closed-minded country.

Considering I take anything mature in what it is and that is how it goes. I don’t believe a game should be hated because of content. I’m assuming to be the feminist community that made such a fuss which are turning into Peeta nowadays, not that all feminists are terrible people or all need to be addressed. Which I was informed Deep-Sea would not be working on the second Mogeko Castle which makes me extremely angry and unhappy that people on the internet…Tumblr especially, many can’t deal with the knowledge of non-consented intercourse(trying to be discrete for trigger) being mentioned, not made fun of but being just mentioned in a game. Which if they can’t deal with it fine I understand it’s an uncomfortable subject. I would only consider being angry myself if they had made fun of such but in the game they had not. Therefore I still enjoy the game and it’s cute art.

Please be aware it is told to be rated fifteen in Japan and eighteen for America there is gore, very grotesque themes, sexual themes, and mature content for Americans or Westerners. So again Play at your own risk especially if triggered by any of those above.


The Witch’s House

The witch’s house is about a girl named Violet that goes to see her friend in the forest pretty early you read a letter that her father had told her not to go past the woods. Though you go to the house of course anyway since it’s the only place you could go making it a bit cliché, but regardless a very good story as you go through the mansion you find out it’s practically abandoned as you look for her friend or a way out of the mansion.

It really captures the creepy magic house feeling. It has changing corridors and weird dead ends and things being not where it was supposed to last time. I believe it is a very well made psychological-horror game. There are two endings to find one regular the other secret. The soundtrack wasn’t too notable but the atmosphere was very good their scares aren’t simple cheap jumpscares.

There is blood, violence, body horror, animal death, jumpscares, and many ways to die…too many.

Here is the download link for The Witch’s House.


Off, originally in French, is a game as if Alice in wonderland and mother or earthbound had a child and made it even more unsettling. It was very interesting and a pleasant experience of a game even with it’s unsettling music and strange essence in the places and anything that is encountered. The main character is a guy named the batter which his mission is to be the purifier which I thought was a very dark term to give someone that just comes in to kill things, of course because the enemies are ‘purified’. But of course dark is the point of the game I believe. The game’s music for fighting is very strange and actually upset my nerves than unsettle me. The RPG portion was alright no need of amazing RPG skills were needed as long as killing a few things here and there over constant level grinding. There is three endings but I only stuck with the one I had gotten which wasn’t one I enjoyed which of course was probably one most get on their first play. It made me content enough to consider it a closed game.

 Warnings consist of a bit of blood, unsettling music, some flashy lights, and dark themes.

The link can be found Here.

Yume Nikki

The game Yume Nikki is an indie rpg maker game that is about a shut-in named Madotsuki. Instead of leaving the room the game is based on going around in her dreams lucidly. The game is made pretty well almost no bugs and the music is pretty good. There are many secrets though since it doesn’t really give you hints on the effects there is a chance to find a few secrets before the end game unintentionally. Those secrets are very well hidden being a certain percent when in the dream world to work, doing repetitive things multiple times, etc.

There is a lot of speculation on who Madotsuki is why she is a shut in and the psychological point of the characters and rooms many think each are intentional. Many probably know of it because of Uboa-chan which is seen various places without knowing of the game. There are a whole lot of fangames that popped up around the games like Yume 2kki (a fan game) but is well made and is very good like Yume Nikki itself and someone even made a 3-D version of it which is actually able to make the whole game so much more creepy than Yume Nikki itself is. Any other fangames are either not complete or not really worth the time to mess with.

Here is the link to the Wiki page if you wanna try it out.

Please be aware there are grotesque themes blood, and violence.